Project - Mika Naturalist 2
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Surrounded by Nature

Eco-friendly project offering
top level comfort

Location Kemerburgaz

The second stage of the most
valuable project in Kemerburgaz

Close to new İstanbul Airport

Advantageous location with proximity
to the new İstanbul Airport

450 m to from Subway Station

Gayrettepe-Kemerburgaz is
only 22 minutes via subway

Panoramic Terrace

400 m2 panoramic terrace
with forest views

Cinema Room

Watch movies with your friends
in a cinema ambiance

Music Room

For music lovers
and hobbyists


Nice area which opens to a garden
where you can host your guests

Naturalist 2


Naturalist 2, with 53 flats ranging in size from 1+1 to 3+1, is a lifestyle concept based on simplicity. The project has been able to successfully accommodate to the beautiful surrounding landscape, and utilize the latest technological and architectural advancements, while placing the human and nature at the core.

Naturalist 2 is an excellent choice to live a happy and comfortable life, as well as investing in your future. The project which is located in Kemerburgaz, known its unparallel natural beauty and the rapid appreciation of the land value, is an opportunity not to be missed both for those who are searching for a quiet and peaceful life and for those who are looking for a wise investment.

Naturalist 2 is in a very convenient location, close to the new İstanbul Airport and 450 m from the Kemerburgaz metro station. Kemerburgaz pieces together essential qualities such as clean air, green nature, historical structures and a low-rise settlement layout. It is truly a privilege to live in a spot where you can view the brightest stars in the sky, reach your destinations with ease and stay connected to social life with myriad of opportunities in the neighbourhood.



Koru Road,
Akik Street, No: 3
Kemerburgaz / Istanbul

Mika set off on this journey with the ultimate goal of enabling the residents of Naturalist 2 to feel that they have reached their dream home. In order to achieve this, this green project was carefully designed, offering infinite privileges and the opportunity to live happily and comfortably for long years without any problems.

The meticulous selection of the materials such as the beige stone and wood has been guided by the ultimate aim of blending the buildings into the beautiful natural landscape surrounding the complex, in order to create perfect harmony with the environment.

Naturalist 2


Naturalist 2, with 53 flats ranging in size from 1+1 to 3+1, is a project that you want to show your friends with pride…


Different decoration options are available for the bedrooms which have been spaciously designed. To create extra comfort, *en-suite bathrooms are included in the master bedrooms.
* 1+1 flats do not have en-suite bathrooms.


Inspired by the feeling of serenity that water evokes, a pure and effortless look was applied to bathroom decoration.


The spacious kitchen cabinets were installed under careful consideration of usage habits. Your time in the kitchen will be peaceful in a kitchen which has been designed ergonomically. You will have another sitting area in your house and have the chance to have breakfast in your kitchen.


From the first time you step foot on vast lobby of Naturalist 2, you will feel the capacious setting.


One of the features that will make this project unique in its surroundings is the terrace section designed as wide as possible.The inhabitants of Naturalist 2 will not only perform their activities in this area of 400 m2 but will also have unforgettable memories while witnessing the different conditions of the forest and the endless sky.


You can add value to your life with this space where you can organize invitations and parties with your friends, make quick business meetings, get away from home and drink something to refresh your mind.


At Naturalist 2, your health is as highly regarded as your comfort. You will have a chance to work out every day of the week by courtesy of the comprehensive fitness centre which has exclusive membership for the residents only.


When you’re at Naturalist 2, you don’t need to go to a movie theater. All you have to do is take your loved ones with you, bring some popcorn and drinks to enjoy a movie of your choice in the special Naturalist 2 movie theater.


Developer: Mika Taahhüt Endüstri ve İnşaat A.Ş.
Architectural Project: DNA Mimarlık
Interior Design: Burak Kılıç Architects
Structural Design: OTS İnşaat – Dr. Onur Ertaş
Mechanical Projects: Art Mekanik – Cemal Maviş
Electrical Projects: Boyut Elektrik – Mehmet Şahin
Soil Examination: Genç Fatih İnşaat – Lokman Karlankuş
Gross Construction Area: 8088 m2
Number of Flats: 53
Parking: Indoor parking space for 53 vehicles and bicycles

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